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It had a tradition that still fascinates artists, historians and writers the world over. Since 1694, the port metropolis of Calcutta, had British East India Company exporting supplies similar to silk, opium and indigo and importing Opera. In 1775, Calcutta boasted of its first European theatre . In eighteenth century, Calcutta theatre tradition fell out of operation.

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During the early years, themes associated to the society, faith, traditions and customs fashioned the most important a part of the contents of the plays. There are many dialects of Bengali spoken in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The bigger Bengali theatres use the dialect spoken in Kolkata, Bengali folk theatres have performances in a number of the other Bengali dialects. RDB Cinemas in Salt Lake City Sector 5 has multiple screens screening movies simultaneously. This multiplex exhibits the newest films in Hindi, English and regional languages including Bengali. The air-conditioned halls have snug seating preparations and are spacious sufficient to accommodate a lot of movie-goers.

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This was inaugurated with ‘Bhanga Garar Khela’, a play composed by Beeru Mukherjee. After this, ‘Great Eastern Hotel’, a play by notable playwright Badal Sarkar, was staged here for some time. At current, this playhouse has been remodeled right into a market. In the seventies, this stage was used for launching many professional theatrical productions. [newline]At present, this stage stays nearly unused and is on the method in which of turning into a factor of the past. In 1978, this ‘Mancha’ grew to become immensely well-liked and pulled the crowds as Tripti Mitra and Ajitesh Bandyopaddhay staged the unique play ‘Thana Theke Aschi’ and delivered stellar performances. The foundation stone of this building conceived by Subhash Chandra Basu, was laid by Rabindranath Thakur on 19th August, 1939.

They had been both active members of the Indian People’s Theatre Association, the association of leftist theatre-artists. In the business theatres at the moment, leisure was the only function. [newline]However, the time was tumultuous—the Indian independence motion was strengthening on the backdrop of the World War 2, and the plight of Bengal province was further worsened by the Bengal famine of 1943. Activists and thinkers tried to make use of the media of theatre to highlight the plight of the individuals, and to stage a type of creative protest.

Play-acting commenced here in the fifties in a small hall-room with scanty area which couldn’t accomodate numerous spectators. This stage was built underneath the patronage of Somendra Chandra Nandi who was a resident-member of that edifice. Situated in South Calcutta, this playhouse has been built in memory of the quintessential actor, ‘Mahanayak’ Uttam Kumar, in an area the place the great actor used to live.

The peasants had to go away their village as a outcome of famine, they usually traveled to Kolkata with the hope for survival within the huge city. However, they confronted a series of crises and ultimately obtained startheatre.co.in “…lowered to essentially the most abject acknowledge poverty in Kolkata, where they develop a political awareness of their suffering”. Another manufacturing of the Indian People’s Theatre Association was Jobanbondi.

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Today their equally talented daughter Saonli Mitra is carrying on the production for this group. A pioneer of Indology, Lebedev was born in 1749 in Russia. He had come to remain in India and spent almost 10 years of his life in Kolkata, the then capital of British India. He established himself as a successful musician in the metropolis. During his stay, he learnt Bengali and Sanskrit underneath Goloknath Das. In 1830s, the first Italian troupe came and performed Verdi’s I Lombardi and Il Trovatore.

Navina Cinema in Tollygunge is likely considered one of the oldest movie theatres of the town. Its journey goes way back to 1971 when folks didn’t know what multiplexes are. Situated in one of the most well-known localities with the legendary Tollygunge Film Studio within a short range. While discussing concerning the history of Bengali theatre, the primary name that comes to thoughts just isn’t of any Bengali or even Indian theatre personality. Those had been the period when India was dominated by the British. The theatre displays that occurred in the metropolis were mainly performed by European troupes and noblemen.

The damage to the building and property amounted to Rs. 76,000 in those days. Calcutta’s theatrical fraternity took a big hit with departure of many singers and actors. Calcutta’s star actress and sometime opera singer, Esther Leach took sick in England. Mrs Goodall Atkinson, Calcutta’s theatrical and operatic mainstays, died shortly after the fiery destruction of the Chowringhee Theatre. Kolkata has all the time been the Mecca of Bengali culture that celebrates theatre.